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Pre File Investigations

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Pre File Investigations

The suspicion of involvement in criminal activity may not invoke an immediate arrest, but rather, initial evidence collecting is performed by the police. As an incredibly vital stage in the prosecution of a criminal defendant, the pre-file or pre-trial investigation seeks to solidify the defense’s case before the filing of charges and subsequent arrest. Thomas Filicia specializes in aiding and equipping defendants to handle the onslaught of a California pre-file investigation.

What is a Pre-File Investigation?

A pre-file investigation is carried out by a criminal defense attorney on behalf of the defendant. This is done where an individual learns that a law enforcement officer is investigating them prior to making an arrest or filing formal charges. The criminal defense lawyer seeks to gather enough proof to persuade the prosecution team, headed by the District Attorney, to suspend the charges. The defense engenders to induce the filing of no charges or to file those that have a lesser impact than contemplated before.